LETAC, MTU #10 Training Announcements

Please sign up for our email list if you haven't already!  You don't have to wait for your department to post the available training. You can be informed just as soon as the classes are scheduled!  Here you will receive all of our training announcements BEFORE they are posted on our website.  You will also receive any last minute date/location changes and weather related cancellations as soon as they are available.  Each officer being individually subscribed to our mailing list also eliminates the chance that someone forget to pass along the information we send out about a class being canceled, which results in officers showing up for a class that has been canceled for weeks!!  Don't let this happen to you! We also send out informational bulletins, reminders of impending deadlines, and notices of outside training available in the area that is NOT hosted by us, but might be of interest to you or your department.  In short, if we think it might be of interest to you, we try to keep you in the know!  We do not sell or share our email list with ANYONE.  If you wish to change your subscription or leave the list at any time, there is a link at the bottom of each email which allows you to do so.
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